Ballet with or without Mum/Dad

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Ballet with or without Mum / Dad class for 18 months - 3 year olds is an introduction to dance with parent/carer participation. The classes are fun with lots of clapping, singing and dancing to nursery rhyme and other familiar music. The children learn to dance in circles, patterns, directions and with partners. Classes include miming (e.g. being fairies and growing flowers) and we use cuddly toys, little bells & shakers etc and other props. Small prizes, stickers and stars are awarded.

Parents or carers can accompany the children in this class.

Class Details
10:00 am ~ 10:30 am
Age Group
Weekly - Termly



Zoë started ballet lessons at the age of 3 and worked her way through the IDTA grades to Intermediate level. Her love for the arts and performing led to a BA Hons degree in Theatre Studies and Media. Zoë has continued dancing as an adult and still enjoys weekly ballet lessons.

After university, she went on to pursue a career in PR before having her three children. Zoë works as a TA in a local primary school and loves working with children. She is very eager to share her passion for ballet with the little ones.

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