Junior Ballet

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Junior BalletThe Junior Ballet classes are for children who have either done the foundations of ballet when very young and are ready to be introduced to the second stage of their learning or for the older beginner. This includes more complicated lessons using patterns and directions. Also beginning to learn the ballet terms and language (French) for the different exercises and putting them together to form routines and dances.

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11:10 am ~ 11:40 am
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Weekly - Termly
Pay on door - Weekly


  • Zara is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Education and has taught students from aged 2 years to adult from beginners to advanced foundation in all aspects of classical ballet including boys and pointework. She has a professional and empathetic teaching style and is a highly dedicated, patient and passionate teacher.  Zara has been lucky enough to benefit from learning from experienced teachers and examiners including Miss Kate Swainston and Miss Holly Price and our little ones love her!
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