You can book through the website as a one off payment for the term, via bank transfer or you can set up a direct debit mandate where you spread the termly payments over 2 - 4 months.  All the information is in our current brochure/newsletter.

If you would like to do two or more classes or have two or more siblings attending, a 10% discount is given.


Apart from the "Ballet With Mum/Dad/Carer" classes, parents are asked not to stay in the class during term time as children's attention tends to wander if parents are in the room. However we do hold a ‘watching day' on the last day of each term for family and friends who would like to watch the class and of course there are regular dance displays.
Children are rewarded for commitment, progress, dedication and high standards in the form of Bronze Silver & Gold certificates.
Missed classes due to illness, holiday, etc can be made up by attending any of our other classes we run at any time.

We do have  a school uniform which pupils are expected to wear to class once they have settled into the school. This is unique to us. We also sell dance bags and accessories.

Please see our latest newsletter for details of "fitting" days or email us for the information.