2 - 5 yrs

Tiny Tappers (accompanied)

Tiny TappersThis class will be an introduction to Tap dancing and will be exciting for the little ones to be able to make sounds with their feet and begin to learn rhythm.  The classes will be taught to upbeat music and will be great fun!

Parents are asked to stay with the children to encourage them to join in and engage with the class.

Tiny Tots Ballet (accompanied)

Erin Looking outTiny Tots Ballet for 2-5 year olds is an introduction to dance. The classes are fun with lots of clapping, singing and dancing to nursery rhyme and other familiar music. The children learn to dance in circles, patterns, directions and with partners. Classes include miming (e.g. being fairies and growing flowers) and we use cuddly toys, little bells & shakers etc and other props.