Hi Penny,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for the lovely teacher Sanna, who continues to provide very pleasant, friendly yet professional environment for our children to learn they favourite activity whilst respecting all the parents and acting with great integrity and professionalism all the time.

My daughter and I love her and the classes, and I always appreciate the efforts she puts in to make every week different for children. Sanna consistently goes out of her way and brings different gadgets, toys, plays different scenarios to make it as interesting for children as possible.

Yesterday for example, the little girls had a chance to see and try on proper ballerina tutu (with metal wire inside) that Sanna had been using during her ballerina career whilst performing on the stage. That was amazing experience for all of us and especially for the new parents that brought her little baby daughter for the first time yesterday.

I could see it made a very good impression on that new mum. Needless to say: Sanna is definitely a keeper :)

Many Thanks and best regards