Kate (& Florence) 20/7/19

Hi Penny,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you (and Maria) for a wonderful first introductory year of dancing for Florence. She has honestly loved every moment; I hope she’s always been as enthusiastic in class as what we witnessed on Tuesday — she certainly comes out full of it every week.

Her nursery teacher first suggested we find a dance class as she said Florence had a real passion for it; we are so pleased we came to you as that passion and her ability has really flourished with you.
We’re both so excited for her to start Street Dance alongside ballet next term. Though, we will certainly miss you and Maria every week.
I didn’t get the opportunity to come and thank you in person. Your kindness and patience has not gone unnoticed — we are so grateful for your lovely manner with Florence as well as your focus on getting her to improve her dancing technique.

Thanks so much again and enjoy your summer break,

Kate (& Florence) 20/7/19