Adult Modern Contemporary

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Modern/Contemporary dance is a great workout. Learn a few basic patterns and you are off to a great cardio workout. This form of dance gets the heart rate up in a way that’s way more enjoyable than a jog around the block! It tones the major muscle groups in the legs, arms and core and is a super fun way to stay in shape!

The classes are also very sociable!

Come for a trial!  All ages and levels accepted.

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08:15 pm ~ 09:10 pm
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Weekly - Termly



Sophie was originally trained at the Bristol School of Dancing and the Bristol Ballet Centre and did her professional training at the London Studio Centre.  She has also studied singing, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz and Modern as well as other forms of dance and danced professionally for 5 years. Sophie has taught girls and boys GCSE & A'Level dance in secondary schools and has recently completed her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education).  She gained Qualified Teacher Status at the Royal Academy of Dance and is a registered RAD teacher. She has a lovely bubbly personality and is great with teaching little ones as well as teenagers and adults.

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