Junior Ballet

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Junior BalletThe Junior Ballet classes are for children who have either done the foundations of ballet when very young and are ready to be introduced to the second stage of their learning or for the older beginner. This includes more complicated lessons using patterns and directions. Also beginning to learn the ballet terms and language (French) for the different exercises and putting them together to form routines and dances.

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11:45 am ~ 12:15 pm
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Weekly - Termly



Lisa started dancing at the age of 3 and went on to train at The Urdang Academy for three years gaining a national diploma in professional Musical Theatre. After graduating she went to LA to take more dance classes and acting workshops. Since returning Lisa has been involved in modelling, TV and dance work including the 'Move It' exhibition and Bloch dance wear global Fashion shows. She now shares her passion to dance with the children in our School and is very popular and encouraging with the little ones

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