Super thanks Helen. Heidi loves her lessons and I watched last Saturday and Katie is a wonderful teacher and I really see them progressing. 

Thank you,

Julia 28/11/23

Penny, thank you for your reply and I just wanted to say that Sanna a wonderful and great teacher. 

She puts her best effort when teaching and I appreciate her teaching my daughter. 

Yours Faithfully, 

Diane 16/11/23

Hi Penny,

I’ve just been watching Maria’s ballet class from my car - what a happy, smiley little bunch they are. Please can you thank Katy for making it such a fun class for them!

Best wishes,
, 15/11/23

Hi Everyone,

Just to say that my daughter was hugely shy and is now 2 years into the Penny Waterman School of Dance and loves it so much and was even brave enough to stand up at perform at the show just age 5! Lisa her teacher is just lovely and brilliant! Image removed.

Claire 30/08/23


Thank you for all your hard work over the summer term. The chance to do a show was fantastic and we can't wait to get back in September.

Have a lovely summer.

Kind regards



I’d like to confirm Eva would like to continue with Saturday morning junior ballet in the autumn term.

We won’t be able to attend next Saturday so just wanted to say thank you to all the staff for all your efforts and being so kind and welcoming. Have a lovely summer.


I just wanted to say how amazing the ballet show was on Saturday. It was exceptional. 


Thank you for the show today, it was amazing and you can really see all the hard work that’s gone into it!

Thank you so much for putting on such a brilliant show today - we thoroughly enjoyed the performances from Amaya as well as all the other children involved!

Thank you and best wishes,


I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s dance show. I thought it was lovely and Eva really enjoyed it. All the kids looked so happy and confident, it was brilliant.

Well done on all your arrangements. You can have a well deserved rest now

Thanks Claire